Janice Zarro - Emergency Care

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Janice Zarro is the former Executive Director of the Women's Resource Center. This Venice resident leads an active and busy life of community involvement. One day she was shopping in downtown Venice and saw a friend and neighbor. As she waved, she didn't realize she was at the edge of a curb. She fell. She asked EMS to take her from her to the ER at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. She says she chose Doctors Hospital because of its excellent reputation and she wanted the attention and intimacy, yet outstanding professionalism, that Doctors Hospital offers.

"I was shopping in downtown Venice and saw a friend a neighbor, as I was finishing our conversation and waved goodbye to her with my left hand and didn't realize I was standing at the edge of a curb and fell down, fell into the street, and fell on my right arm and wrist and right hip. I choose when I was in the ambulance to ask the ambulance personnel to take me to Doctors Hospital because I knew I could choose where to go and I made that decision based on the orthopedic excellence of Doctors Hospital and was certainly glad that I did."