• Janice Zarro - Emergency Care

    janice-zarro , orthopedics


    Janice Zarro is the former Executive Director of the Women's Resource Center. This Venice resident leads an active and busy life of community involvement. One day she was shopping in downtown Venice and saw a friend and neighbor. As she waved, she didn't realize she was at the edge of a curb. She fell.

  • Myron Robinson - Prostatectomy


    Myron Robinson was in good shape. After retiring from a 37 year career with affiliates of the National Urban League throughout the nation and two years as a consultant of Cleveland State University urban affairs department, Myron and his wife moved to Florida for some long deserved relaxation.

  • J.P. Knaggs - Hip Replacement



    J.P. is the Chef/Owner of the Bijou Cafe in Sarasota. When the pain from Osteoarthritis got to be too much, he had hip replacement surgery at Doctors of Sarasota.

  • Nell Martin - Serenity Place

    When Nell needed some additional help sorting things out, she turned to Serenity Place where she found compassionate health care in a place she felt safe.

  • Julio Moros - Total Hip Replacement



    Julio Moros is a Professional Tennis Player and Instructor in Sarasota.

  • David Fiederer - Emergency Care


    When David started having severe pain in his leg, he rushed to the Emergency Room at Doctors Hospital. Once he entered the ER, the staff asked him about his pain level, and he was treated right away. The personal approach, made David and his wife feel at ease and confident with the care.

  • Brenda Robinson - Robotic Surgery


    A very active and informed patient who writes down questions, takes notes and does her homework, Brenda was surprised when her gynecologist Dr. Sharan pointed out symptoms Brenda hadn’t even thought to mention.

  • Mary Kopp - Orthopedic & Spine Institute


    When it came to choosing a hospital for Mary's knee replacement surgery, she chose Doctors Hospital of Sarasota.

  • Joe Corcoran, MD - Orthopedic & Spine Institute


    When Joe Corcoran was in need of spinal surgery, he chose Doctors Hospital of Sarasota's Orthopedic & Spine Institute.

  • The Hedges - Orthopedic & Spine Institute


    When Tom & Charlotte Hedge knew that they were needing Orthopedic surgery, they chose Doctors Hospital of Sarasota.