Doctors Hospital of Sarasota February 20, 2017

Sarasota, FL - After the Boston Marathon bombings, communities across the country realized sometimes average citizens or bystanders are the first responders. People in the crowd closest to those injured and can start first aid before medical professionals arrive. The Florida Department of Health in Sarasota County (DOH-Sarasota) has a new program called All-Hazards Survival and Active Bystander Training (ABT) for residents, businesses and Faith-Based Organizations. They needed first aid kits to give to people who receive the training and that’s when Doctors Hospital of Sarasota stepped in. “This training is all about surviving until help comes. DOH-Sarasota is grateful for these first aid kits to give to those who participate in the ABT training,” said Carol Jeffers, Program Coordinator of Community-Based Disaster Coalitions for DOHSarasota.

This year Doctors Hospital is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To mark the event, the hospital wanted to do something big, that also helped others. “We wanted to set a world record that would fit our mission of care and community service. We also wanted to invite our friends and neighbors to help us achieve it. I think it will be a great way for all us to do something good for our community,” said Robert Meade, CEO of Doctors Hospital of Sarasota.

On Saturday, February 25th teams of people will gather at the hospital to try and break the world record for the “most first aid kits assembled in one hour.” The current world record is 3,000 kits, so the new goal is to make 4,000 kits in just one hour. The first aid kits will be packed with dozens of different items including bandages, medical tape and gauze. Large assembly lines will be set up on the grounds of the hospital and volunteers will have to work quickly to achieve the record. After the record setting event, the results will be sent to Guinness World Records for verification.

Volunteers are needed. The world record attempt starts at 10:00am, Saturday, February 25th at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota, 5731 Bee Ridge Road. To participate, call (888) 685-1596. A community event featuring tours of the new emergency room, a health fair and a teddy bear clinic will follow. Those interested in receiving first aid kits need to register for the ABT training at or call Sharon Kennedy at DOHSarasota at (941) 861-2985.