15-year-old Logan Lang has a passion for engineering. It started with technology classes in middle school and continued with the engineering classes that he took this year as a student at Venice High School. With school moving to online learning, Logan had a little extra time. He wanted to do something to help healthcare workers, caring for his community. He watched a video online and got the idea to make face shields. An important piece of personal protective equipment, healthcare workers need. A family friend works in the operating room at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota, so young Logan decided to donate the face shields here.

Logan used a 3-D printer; he received as a gift, to make the face shields. They have a large clear plastic piece in the front and a headpiece at the top. It took 52 minutes to make each one. Logan purchased all the supplies himself online or at local stores. When asked how he feels knowing something he made is helping in the fight against COVID-19, he said quietly and modestly, "I feel good, I feel proud." Logan plans to study computer engineering or aerospace engineering in college and hopes to go to M.I.T. Until then, his love of engineering and his desire to help others, being put to good use here at home.

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