Doctors Hospital of Sarasota October 15, 2014

Sarasota, FL – As one of only 37 hospitals nationwide to introduce the Mazor Robotics Renaissance™ guidance system in October 2013 after FDA approval, Doctors Hospital of Sarasota is pleased to celebrate 100 Mazor procedures performed by the team of Dr. Tan Ly and Dr. Thomas Sweeney. Mazor technology allows spine surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures to patients who previously were not considered good surgical candidates as a result of severe spinal deformities.

The technology has been successfully integrated into the hospital’s spine surgery program and expanded options for patients suffering from severe back pain, loss of function or challenges in performing daily living activities.

“The Mazor robotic technology is allowing us to successfully perform minimally invasive spine surgeries on all of our surgical patients - eliminating the need for an open incision," said spine surgeon Dr. Thomas Sweeney. "Our patients are experiencing life altering results - including patients with degenerative scoliosis and other types of complex spine issues, who may not have been candidates for surgery prior to the availability of this technology."

In addition to the traditional benefits of robotic technology, always involving smaller incisions resulting in less bleeding and quicker recovery time for patients, Mazor guidance includes CT-based 3D stimulation of the patient’s spine in advance of surgery, which allows for greater surgical precision and accuracy. The Mazor is also associated with a reduction of fluoroscopy exposure for the patient during surgery as a result of the preoperative planning.