One year ago, on February 29, 2020, Doctors Hospital of Sarasota became the first hospital in the state of Florida to treat a COVID-19 patient. The patient was successfully discharged. Members of the team who cared for that patient and hospital leadership will be speaking to a group of student nurses and sharing their experiences. The team will talk about those early days, their impressions of working during a pandemic for the past year and offer the students inspiration for the future. Sharing their thoughts will be Robert Meade, CEO; Todd Haner, Chief Nursing Officer; Todd Cruz, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer and former Director of ICU and Progressive Care Unit/COVID-19 unit; Michael Schandorf-Lartey, MD, Chief Medical Officer; and nurses from the Progressive Care Unit/COVID-19 unit will be speaking to six nursing students from Galen College. These students are seniors and have been doing clinical rotations at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. The students will be graduating in five weeks.