Doctors Hospital of Sarasota
January 19, 2021

Caregivers at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota started receiving their second COVID-19 vaccines today. These caregivers received their first vaccine dose on Christmas Eve. The Moderna vaccine requires two doses, within 24-32 days of the first dose, to be most effective.  Doctors Hospital of Sarasota treated the first hospitalized patient in the state of Florida with COVID-19. That patient was successfully discharged. Some of the caregivers who received the vaccine on December 24 and again today, treated that patient.

Caregivers who received their second vaccine dose today are happy and upbeat. “I felt great after the first vaccine and was happy to get the second dose today. I feel good knowing I am doing my part to protect myself, my patients, and the community,” said Joann Inners, Respiratory Therapist at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota.

Joann Inners receives Vaccine