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Single-Incision Robotic Surgery Now Available at Doctors Hospital

April 04, 2012

Sarasota, FL - Doctors Hospital of Sarasota is proud to be bring single-incision robotic surgery to Sarasota. Yesterday, John Nora, MD performed our first robot-assisted single-incision gallbladder removal utilizing the revolutionary da Vinci Si® surgical robot.

“The benefits of the Single-Site robotic surgery are being realized,” said Dr. Nora, General and Vascular Surgeon. “The surgery results in minimal pain, a faster recovery and return to work for the patient as well as a virtually invisible scar masked by the belly-button.”

“To be on the forefront of this technically advanced surgery is an example of our commitment to our patients and our leadership in providing our community the latest, minimally invasive surgical options,” said Robert Meade, CEO of Doctors Hospital of Sarasota.

Each year, about one million people in the United States will undergo gallbladder removal. Thanks to the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the da Vinci Si® single-incision gallbladder removal this past December, many of these patients will benefit from the minimal scarring, less pain, less bleeding and faster recovery of robot-assisted gallbladder removal.

While the traditional da Vinci Si® gallbladder removal required only four small incisions, this latest advancement in technology allows the whole procedure to be completed through one incision at the belly button. This is especially good news for women that may have concerns about scarring. Gallstones, which can lead to the need for gallbladder removal, occur twice as often in women.

Doctors Hospital of Sarasota offers many types of robotic-assisted surgeries. In addition to gallbladder removal, our surgeons utilize the da Vinci Si® in urology, gynecology, general surgery, and oncology procedures. Doctors Hospital also offers a wide range of non-robotic, minimally invasive surgeries.

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