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Ethics Committee

At Doctors Hospital of Sarasota, your values are important to us. We are committed to providing excellent treatment that respects you as a person. Sometimes, a patient and her or his family have difficulty making treatment decisions. If this should occur, the Doctors Hospital of Sarasota Ethics Committee may help.

Members of the Committee include doctors, nurses, clergy, ethicists and members of the community who understand the importance of values in making difficult treatment decisions. The Ethics Committee provides a place where the values involved in treatment choices can be discussed. It provides information, consultation and education that help you and your healthcare team look at the values involved in your choices.

If you wish to speak to a Committee member, contact your physician, nurse or the supervisor. They, in turn, will contact the Ethics Committee. A member of the Committee will discuss your situation with you. This person may help you resolve the issue, or you can meet with the entire Committee to seek additional assistance.